Holiday Combo bundle - Splash Proof pouch and Trucker hat

Perfect combo pack for the holidays! Get our awesome 6.5" x 9" Surfbear® pouch and the Monstera Surfbear® Trucker Hat for a 20% savings and FREE SHIPPING!

The trucker features motif from our paradise pouch. It's a one size fits most, 5-panel, foam front, snap back trucker hat. It comes in Navy/white. If you prefer Black/white, send us a note and we will make the change.

Feel the Ohana with our new, limited run, Paradise Surf, Splash Proof bags. Great for all your essentials and for all your wander-lusting activities. Keep all your items dry when you're hanging at the beach, by the pool or exploring the seven seas by boat! The print on these awesome bags was designed by Pepa Ivanoff. These bags were  developed and produced for us by the brilliant people over at the ALOHA Collection.

This technical fabric (Tyvek) was developed to be as soft as it is functional. It is lightweight, durable, ready for travel, and of course, SPLASH-PROOF®

SPLASH-PROOF® is the next best thing to waterproof! Your belongings will be protected from a light splash, light rain, or a cocktail spillage, but please do not submerge your pouch with belongings inside. The zipper and seams of these bags are not watertight.


  1. Travel light! Each bag weighs under 2 oz (empty).
  2. Accident-prone toiletries? Stow them in this pouch for a smooth flight.
  3. Keep travel documents and IDs close at hand while on the go.
  4. Great for small essentials like: make-up, sun screen, keys, phone.
  5. Super lightweight pouches fit perfectly into any carry-on.
  6. Splash-Proof® and ready for life’s adventures!
  7. Keep your dry stuff dry.
  8. Use as your new favorite beach clutch! 
  9. Stow damp swimwear and go from pool to plane!
  10. Stay cocktail-proof as your adventures go from beach to bar!

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